“In order to be connecting with the Everest, you must be at its magnificent abode.” Out of the many Mountains of Nepal, I have been to Annapurna, Mohare Danda, and Mardi Himal Trek, but never to the place of our pride. So, after my numerous trips and treks, I had a deep desire to meet and greet the Everest. As it occurred, the COVID-19 was attacking our neighbor China, but we were not affected. Hence, we decided to complete the ever wanted journey of our lifetime. So, we went on our trip to the Everest Base Camp.

To begin, we took a jeep from Kathmandu to Phaplu, Solukhumbu, at 5 of the morning. Along the B.P Highway, we went to Phaplu, through Khurkot, Sindhuli, Okhaldhunga, Udhayapur, and Salleri. Tired on the Journey, we reached Phaplu at 6 in the evening. We had to reach Bupsa on the same day. So, without further delay, we set out to Bupsa on a newly opened track.

Meanwhile, the journey was hectic on the new trail made for the motor. And, we had to struggle 7 hours on the jeep for just 50-60 kilometers of the way. In Bupsa, we already had food and accommodation waiting for us at the prior information of our driver. It was already morning when we had our meal and a little rest. We had to reach the Kalapathhar and Base camp. So, we had no time and interest to rest for another hour. Perhaps we had a greater desire for journey and dream than fatigue. Hence, we started on foot in the early morning.

Bupsa: Our Trail Head of our Everest Base Camp Trek

The trek started from Bupsa. With the destination of Fagding on the mind, we went off through Paiyau, Surkhe, Muse, Chaurikharka, Choplung, and finally Phakding. We reached Fagding at 10 in the night. Chaurikharka is the village of Nepal’s first female mountaineer late Pasang Lhamu Sherpa. On reaching such a place, a different kind of energy-filled us up. We captured some shots of the house of Pasang Lhamu. Having the heart filled with her feat, we felt as if we were taking the whole history of mountaineers with us. Our journey grew more difficult after Muse.

The night was growing, and the road was slippery. Along the road was a long trail of mules. Having seen the traffic jam of mules, we memorized Kathmandu, the most populated city of the country. As a mode of transport, mules carried different goods to the remote parts of the trail route. On the contrary, we could have taken a flight to Namche, but the flight was unpredictable and the tickets were rarely available on demand.

We reached Phagding at 10 in the evening, continuously walking for about 12 hours. We had made a booking at Star Lodge by phone. The hotelier was waiting. Gave a warm welcome. We drank coffee and had a meal. Tired by our continuous journey, we woke up at 10 in the morning. After lunch, we had to leave for Namche. At about 11 o’clock we warmed our way.

Khumjung Village with AmaDablam
Khumjung Village on our acclimatize hike with Mt. AmaDablam in the middle.

Welcome to Namche: Center of Everest Region Trekking

After walking straight, we reached Jorsalle. The national park had set up a stand post at the entrance of Namche to collect entry fees from travelers. Meanwhile, the rate for Nepali tourists was one hundred and for international tourists was three thousand Nepali rupees. The journey continued. An uphill road was waiting for us. The cold there was getting on our nerve. It was already 6 pm when we reached Namche. Nevertheless, traditional houses with colorful roofs warmly welcomed us.

As I had heard, Namche is the most expensive place in the country. We were too eager to experience Namche. The coffee shops and hotels in Namche were exquisite. It felt like stepping into a foreign land, not in the lap of the mountains. Located in the lap of the mountains, Namche is really beautiful. You will never get tired of watching the beautiful views from the place.

When we reached there, Namche was mostly deserted. Even though it was the tourist season, there were no tourists. Traders were complaining that tourists were not coming because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was snowing and there was coffee beside us. We were staring at the scene while sipping coffee. It was completely new and exciting for us. Having coffee in the lap of the Himalaya, made us feel like we were protagonists in a famous movie.

Extra Day of Rest in Namche To Acclimatize

We had the probability of getting altitude sickness at such height, so we decided to stay in Namche for some days. There is a hike in Namche, which is believed to be best for someone to get rid of altitude sickness. After waking up in the morning, we went to visit Namche and talk to the trader about the effects of the corona pandemic. After viewing Mt. Everest, we headed for the world’s highest elevated hotel, Everest View. Unfortunately, due to heavy snow and rain, we had to return from the road. We heard that the price of the dollar is the same in Namche. It was true.

Hike to Pangboche Via Tengboche

After a day’s rest in Namche, we had to reach the recommended height on the fifth day of the journey. Having breakfast, we headed towards Pangboche. After climbing above Namche, we found a straight path. The majestic mountains like Amadablam, Thamserku, Everest and Lhotse were watching and welcoming us. Furthermore, it was probably the first time I saw so many mountains so closely. We were excited to connect with the Everest Base Camp.

On the contrary, overcoming these scenes, we reached Dudhkoshi after a short descent. The hotels along the river were also deserted. After having breakfast there, we set off uphill through a beautiful suspension bridge over Dudhkoshi. After a hike of about two hours, we reached the historic Tyangboche Monastery at an altitude of 3,868 meters. Observing and visiting the biggest monastery, we proceeded to Pangboche after eating a plate of chicken fried rice. This colorful Buddhist monastery helps you to get connecting with the Everest and Himalayas even spiritually. If you have time, a short power meditation and mindful yoga is highly recommendable on as your Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek.

We had to reach our destination despite the heavy snowfall a while ago caused some inconvenience. Our journey took a short stop at Pangboche which is in the distance of just 90 minutes hike from Tengboche crossing Debuche.

To Lobuche via Thukla Pass

The journey was on the sixth day. And, we were near the Everest base camp. However, the journey was getting more difficult. From there, we went to Lobuche through Pheriche. Along the way, we were wondering when we would reach Lobuche. Likewise, the foreign tourists we met were asking us if there were any corona-infected people in Nepal. During the conversation, an Italian friend was saying that after watching the movie Everest, he had planned to visit the Everest Base Camp.

Shortly before reaching Lobuche, a stone was carved in memory of those who had died while climbing the mountain. We stayed there for a while and then continued on our journey looking back at the beautiful and iconic Ama Dablam. This Place is called as Thukla Pass: The Saddest and Memorial Viewpoint on Everest Base Camp Trek.

Finally, we reached Lobuche. There were only 6 lodges in Lobuche at an altitude of about 49100 meters. We could easily stay due to a lack of tourists. The open and clear view of the height is truly memorable.

View From Thukla Pass
View From Thukla Pass on way to Everest Base Camp Trek.

We headed towards Gorakshep from Lobuche, the final destination of our Everest base camp trek to get connected. Meanwhile, some of the scenes seen during the journey will leave a permanent mark on our hearts. When we reached Gorakchhep, we ate. After eating, we went off to visit the center of our dreams.

Khumbu Icefall on the way stopped us for a while. Khumbu Icefall is known as a very complex route for Everest climbers. We wanted to see it and trace it from the heart. And, we did it too. In short, my dream of Connecting with Everest comes at the end.

The Dream: Connecting with the Everest and Base Camp

At last, we were on the Everest Base Camp. The national and international tourists were getting high with excitement. Some were contacting their loved ones. It all felt like a fairy tale. The cold weather, the snow and the Everest in front of our eyes were telling us, welcome to my abode. The Khumbu Icefall seen on the right side of the road was also really beautiful. Khumbu Icefall is a mountain on top of a mountain of snow. Thus, we were now eager to take pictures.

We stayed at the base camp for an hour. It was a historic and unforgettable moment in our lives. Our country Nepal is known for Mount Everest in the world. We were rejoicing in its lap. My teammates were expressing happiness from their hearts. Probably, patriotism must have reflected in their minds.

My eyes were watering too. I felt the courage shown by my ancestors and Sherpas. The Government is not paying enough attention to such a glorious place. I felt pity at the so-called politicians. We didn’t want to leave the place but we had to move on. So, with a heavy heart, we went downhill. Eventually, we reached Lukla, a place listed in the list of the world’s most dangerous airports. The wind there was blowing strong. After staying in Lukla that day, we flew back to Kathmandu, following the same high-speed wind.

In conclusion: Connecting With The Everest Base Camp Trek

visiting the most beautiful place of my life, I felt that the government should create a well-organized tourism-friendly environment as much as possible in order not to lose faith in Mt. Everest. My country and the snow chains have hoped for a stable and responsible government. Everest, the world’s highest peak, is deserted at a time when the country’s economy is also in turmoil.

At this time, Mount Everest is really waiting for tourists. And, you are welcome in Nepal. We are far safer than any place on the Earth at the time of this crisis. With the beauty of Himalayas, you will surely be Connecting With The Everest Base Camp Trek in 2020-21.