Ranikot Hiking is more than an average hilltop. It is a place that has a perfect viewing spot for the Kathmandu Valley along with dozens of other mountains. Ranikot- literally meaning, the fort of the queen, is located at the top of the hill and on the border of Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchowk District. Furthermore, Surrounded by thick dense forest and a high hill in the middle, it’s perfect for a day’s scenic trip.

Located at the hill of the Bhaktapur district, Ranikot is by far the nearest place for the mountain viewing trip. It’s located at an elevation of 2000 meters. The hill is about 8 kilometers from the Suryabinayak Chowk (Bhaktapur). Moreover, you can get the exclusive view of the Langtang, Gauri Shanker, and Rolwaling Himalayas range with historical Dorje Lakpa Peak. In Ranikot, the scenic views of the mountains and surrounding valleys all around you feel like heaven. Further, you cannot stop falling in love with the place.

Ranikot Hiking in Kathmandu Surise.jpg
Surise Ranikot Hiking in Kathmandu.

History of Ranikot: More than you know

Ranikot is a historical site and it’s more than you think you know. Dating back to several hundred years in the past. Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah had built a fort in the Ranikot to attack the Kathmandu Valley. There are remains of the fort and the tunnels used for the warfare. Ranikot was an important fort at the past times as the enemies can be seen afar and dealt with. It was also a place of vacation for the Queen and King, as it is not far from Kathmandu.

Ranikot Hiking is A Complete Day Trip: Nature Culture and History

Ranikot is more than a picnic spot. In recent years, Bhaktapur Municipality has developed Ranikot beyond one’s expectations. The roadway network has expanded and connected to and from different places. We can access Ranikot through different places. The roadway connecting Ranikot is fairly good. It was originally a hiking route since long time back. The residents of Bhaktapur used the route of Ranikot to hike to Aashapuri Mahadev Temple. Furthermore, they also travelled to the Phulchoki Temple through Ranikot and Laakuri Bhanjhyang.

Newari People on Ranikot Village
Newari People on Ranikot Hiking. The trail is the unique mix of Bhot, Lama, Newar, Bhraman and Chetteri.

There is the temple of Bhaagbhairab in Ranikot which takes represents the religious and cultural importance of the people nearby. At the end of Baisakh and Mangsir (April-May and November-December) the local community organizes Jatra. The Bhote community in the locality practices the Jhakri Dance at the occasion. Bhaagbhairab is a naturally located figure of the Tiger sitting in the middle of a forest. Hence, it is a place worth your time.

sunset from Ranikot village
Sunset from Ranikot Village Hiking trail.

When is the best time for Ranikot Hiking?

Well, Ranikot is a place of beauty. You can visit Ranikot any day you like and of any month. It simply thrills you. You cannot stop wondering that such a place exists at such a small distance from Kathmandu. You can observe the magnificent Mountain ranges, especially in the morning time, when the sun rays give a golden touch to the mountains. The view of sunrise and sunset is also exquisite and unique in this place.

Camping BBQ at Ranikot Homestay
Camping BBQ at Ranikot Homestay is the best activities in the winter season.
Ranikot Hiking Conclusion: One day trip worth your time

Ranikot is a glorious place carrying historical and religious importance. It’s a place that you have been looking for as it is near Kathmandu and completely alluring. The sunrise and sunset from the place are also equally beautiful. So, Ranikot is a wonderful place that represents a mixture of Tourism, Culture, History, and Archaeology. In conclusion, If you are in Kathmandu valley and have not visited Ranikot, you have missed a really good place.