In this Mardi Himal trekking guide, you can find useful information about the cost, long and short itineraries, which mountains you can see, about the culture and the people, best months and season to visit Mardi Himal, what type of accommodations there are available and what to pack for this amazing short trek in Nepal. Mardi Himal has long been a favorite short trek in Nepal, mostly due to the incredible mountain views especially that of the Fishtail Mountain aka Mt Machhapuchhare. Every step during the Mardi Himal Trek in Nepal takes you closer to this Himalayan giant and the views from up High Camp are just breathtaking! With this Mardi Himal trekking guide, we hope that you get enough information before deciding to undergo this amazing trek in Nepal.

What is the cost of the Mardi Himal Trek?

As a popular short trek in Nepal, many wonder about the cost of the Mardi Himal trek. Calculate an average of 600 USD per person for the Mardi Himal trek. This cost should include a licensed trekking guide, Bed, and Breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara, accommodation with breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trek, transportation, and permits. Make sure to bring some extra cash with you as during the trek after leaving Pokhara there won’t be any ATMs available, and you might want to buy some souvenirs in the smaller villages or buy some snacks and drinks during your trek to Mardi Himal. This cost for the Mardi Himal trek is based on a 10-day itinerary starting from Kathmandu. You might bring the cost down if you decide to trek from Pokhara to Mardi Himal.

Valley Views from Mardi Himal High Camp
Valley Views from Mardi Himal High Camp View Point 3580m.

Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary Guide

There are multiple itineraries for the Mardi Himal trek available, and as this trek is not obligated to do with a guide it is strongly recommended. As the trekking trail lays just east of the Annapurna Base Camp trail, it is easy to combine the Mardi Himal Trek with other treks, like the other famous Poon Hill trek. But for this Mardi Himal trekking guide, we will discuss 2 itineraries. A shorter one starting from Pokhara that can be done in 6 days or the usual one starting from Kathmandu that can be done in 10 days.

short mardi himal trek
Guide with His friend on Short Mardi Himal Trek. Mount Annapurna South and Himchuli at the background.

Short Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary 6 Days from Pokhara

Day 01: Drive to Phedi and trek to Pothana 1,925m. Today we cross Dhampus or Australian camp.
Day 02: Trek to Kokar Forest Camp 2,600m.
Day 03: Hike to High Camp 3,555 m. Crossing via Rest Camp, Low Camp, Low camp, and Badale Danda.
Day 04: Hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp 4,580m. This is the ultimate hight of this trek.
Day 05: Trek back to Siding village and overnight at 1,750m
Day 06: Trek to Lwang-Ghalel, drive to back to Pokhara. Read More about Short Mardi Himal Trekking.

Mardi Himal Trek Popular Itinerary from Kathmandu

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal
Day 02: Drive to Pokhara. Normally take 6-8 hours.
Day 03: Drive to Phedi, which is the trailhead of our trek. Our days end at Pothana 1,925m
Day 04: Trek to Kokar Camp 2,600m. This is also called (Forest Camp).
Day 05: Trek to High Camp 3,550m. You have enough free time to explore around.
Day 06: Hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp 4,580m. Onwards we will trek back to Badale Danda.
Day 07: Trek to Siding village 1,750m. To enjoy the most comfortable accommodation with a hot shower.
Day 08: Trek to Ghalel drive back to Pokhara. Even you can start the offroad drive from Shiding.
Day 09: Drive back to Kathmandu.
Day 10: Departure. End of Mardi Himal Trek.

Whether you choose short or classical trekking itineraries for the Mardi Himal trek in Nepal, you will surely discover the beauty of the Annapurna Himalayas. In addition Trekking Trail Nepal offers 10 Days Mardi Himal Yoga Trek from Pokhara featuring wellness and meditation. Even further, 1 Day Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour from Pokhara best for luxury dreamers.

Mountain views from Mardi Himal Trek
Views of Annapurna from Upper View Point of Mardi Himal Trek 4200m.

Mountain views during the Mardi Himal Trek

While being a short trek in Nepal, the mountain views during the Mardi Himal trek are said to be some of the best in the Annapurna region! With highlighting 7 mountains above 6,000m and of course Mardi Himal 5,587m itself, this short trek in Nepal is definitely worth it. With just 5 to 6 days of actual trekking,
travelers get to follow an easy-going trail and be rewarded with some of the best mountain views in the entire Annapurna’s. So which mountain views can you see during the Mardi Himal trek in Nepal? Well, the 8 most significant mountains are; Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Annapurna one (8,091m), Annapurna II (7,937m), Hiunchuli (6,441m), Annapurna South (7,219m), Annapurna III (7,555m), Machhapuchhre (6,993m), and of course Mardi Himal (5,587m). Embark on an epic journey in Nepal and don’t forget your cameras for some of the best mountain views during the Mardi Himal trek!

Natural Cultural and Diversity on Mardi Himal Trek

Considered to be one of the most rewarding short treks, there is some natural and cultural diversity during the Mardi Himal trek. Trekkers find themselves trekking through lush forested trails filled with pine, oak and rhododendron trees. Depending on the season it’s quite likely to see some wildlife during your trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp. Many birdwatchers like the Mardi Himal trek also for spotting some rare bird species. The natural and cultural diversity during the Mardi Himal trek is definitely a reason to head out and explore the trails of Mardi.

The local people of this region are mostly of Hindu or Buddhist religions and follow the traditions of Chhetri, Brahmin, and Gurung. Well known for their hospitality, these people developed a unique way to live in higher elevations and are every year ready to welcome travelers and trekkers on their way to Mardi Himal Base Camp. Special to see is during the harvest season how these people manage to bring their harvest up from the fields. The Mardi Himal region is also one of the few regions in Nepal where the locals go for Honey Hunting. Discover the natural and cultural diversity during the Mardi Himal trek and enjoy the views!

Accommodation Guide for Mardi Himal Trek

During any type of trek, a good resting place is very important! Accommodation during the Mardi Himal trek plays a vital role in recuperating from a full day of trekking. The guesthouses during the Mardi Himal trek are simple yet charming, located at rest stops of the trail in small villages and communities. These guesthouses or teahouses have simple and standard rooms fitted with 2 single beds, a comfortable pillow, some warm blankets, and amazing views from the window. One needs to know that these guesthouses are not luxury resorts and of course can lack some standard. Most bathrooms are fitted with showers and are communal. Breakfast and dinner are always served in these accommodations and are well prepared. As you spend the night at one of these accommodations during the Mardi Himal trek, the most important factor is to refill your energy for the next day of trekking!

Accommodation at Siding on Mardi Himal Trek
Accommodation at Siding on Mardi Himal Trek. This is the most advance lodge on the whole trail.

Pros and Cons of the Mardi Himal Trek

Before going on an adventure trip it’s always wise to consider the pros and cons, and this goes the same for the Mardi Himal trek. Trekking is a fun and active way to see nature at its best, but it involves trekking and hiking to remote regions. This can then have some cons as there is lack of development and modernization. On the other hand, it’s more peaceful and quiet, resulting in a more out of the busy city feeling. For this Mardi Himal trekking guide, we made a shortlist with some pros and cons for you to consider during the Mardi Himal trek.

Pros of Mardi Trek

  • Amazing natural trekking trails
  • Chance of snowfall during the cold months
  • Incredible mountain views, with 7 over 6,000m mountains
  • A short and easy trekking destination
  • Almost zero chance to get AMS Acute Mountain Sickness
  • Superb photography spots
  • Chances to encounter wildlife
  • Feature of birdwatching is one adventure
  • Unique experience of wild and bush walking
  • Varities of rodhodendron flowers during March-April
  • The trekking start point is just a short drive from Pokhara
  • Very hospitable locals

Cons of Mardi Himal Trek

  • The trails can get crowed with national visitors
  • Accommodations are very basic and simple
  • During the wet seasons, a lot of leeches are common
  • If trekking without a guide, the trails can get confusing during the monsoon and snowfall
  • A very steep descend awaits when heading down from High Camp
  • Electricity is limited due to solar power

Of course, every con has a simple solution, for example; the limited electricity can be solved by bringing a power bank charger. Leeches can be repelled with sprays, ointments and by wearing tucked in long pants, etc. The pros and cons during the Mardi Himal trek gives you a better understanding in what to expect
during this trek. But don’t let the cons scare you, as this is one of the best short treks in Nepal to view the Annapurna Himalayas!

Suggestions Guide-Lines for the Best Mardi Himal Trek

With every guide comes some useful suggestions! The same counts for this Mardi Himal trekking guide. These suggestions can help make your experience during the Mardi Himal trek that better! You can consider these as useful tips and hints. As this short trek goes through rural areas we thought it would help you to give our 7 useful suggestions for the Mardi Himal trek in Nepal:

Pro Tips for Mardi Trek

1) The Mardi Himal trek is also famous as a Photography Trek in Nepal, due to the amazing sceneries throughout the year and due to being a short trek in Nepal. In addition, Fishtail (Macchapuchhre) is one of the most iconic mountains above the layer so clouds give you enough shots.

2) Being a preferred trek for a photographer, it’s good to know that during the night at Badale Danda you can see the Milkey Way and entire star system brightening the dark sky, and this makes of course for some great photo opportunities!

3) At High Camp, where you spend the night before going to Mardi Himal Base Camp, you can get an incredible sunset and sunrise view from the lookout point a bit further.

4) For those snow lovers, during the months of October and November, there is a high chance to get snowfall! Also, the forests will still be green. This gives the perfect contrast and joy of wild adventure.

5) As this trek heads through some rural areas, it’s good to know that if possible you better bring a power bank or some extra batteries. Most of the guesthouses use solar panels for electricity, making it a bit limited and slow on the charging time. Make sure to bring a universal or at least an Asian plug.

6) Those more in the mood for Meditation and Yoga in the Himalayas can surely enjoy the Mardi Himal trek as there will be many nice and open spots with the Annapurna Himalayas and the Fishtail Mountain on the backdrop.

7) Don’t forget to bring your own toiletries as most bathrooms are on a communal basis, and make sure to bring your own sleeping bag, this gives extra warmth during the colder months and is better for personal hygiene. This also helps to complete your Mardi Himal trek in the budget.

Packing list for the Mardi Himal trek

To make the most of your trek and experience in Nepal it’s always good to have a packing list ready for the Mardi Himal trek! As a useful guide for the Mardi Himal trek, we prepared a useful packing list for you. Have a look and make sure to check if you got everything ready to bring during your trek!

Packing list for the Mardi Himal trek

  • A wind and waterproof jacket
  • A few pair of thermal underclothes
  • Fleece jacket or pullover
  • Cotton trousers for hiking
  • Down jacket
  • 2 pairs of trekking pants
  • Mitten or woolen gloves (during the cold season)
  • Comfortable and warm hiking socks
  • Trekking boots with spare lace
  • Cap or scarf to protect from the sun
  • Standard trekking poles (optional)
  • Water canteen
  • Water purification item(s)
  • A sleeping bag
  • Toiletries as your perfrence
  • Personal medication
  • Washing towel
  • Multipurpose waterproof laundry bag
  • A head light with good flash really valuable on the day to reach Mardi Himal Base Camp
  • Batteries or Power Bank
  • A small lock for your backpack
  • A rain poncho (optional but useful during the Monsoon season Jun-Aug).
    NOTE: This Trekking Gears list is just an outline what you need to pack for Mardi Trekking. Please use you knowledge and information even your specific personal needs before your hit the trail.

Having checked off this packing list for the Mardi Himal trek, you are sure to get the best experience during your trek in Nepal!

Author Wendy Above Badale Danda
Author Wendy Above Badale Danda.

Best Months or seasons for the Mardi Himal trek

As one of the most rewarding short treks in Nepal you might wonder, what are the best months or seasons for the Mardi Himal Trek? Well, the good news is that the Mardi Himal trek can be done any time of the year, but gives a different experience depending on the season. In this Mardi Himal trekking guide we lay them out from worse to best experience:

During the monsoon season, end-June to start-September would give you the worse experience during the Mardi Himal trek. Although possible to do, you’ll have to deal with heavy rainfalls, leeches, and mosquitos. If you want to go during this time we do recommend to wear tucked in long trousers and to bring leech and mosquito repellent!

For the winter season, from December to February it’s also possible to do the Mardi Himal trek, but some of the weather can get really cold. While there is a chance of snowfall during these months, we found another season better.

Pre-monsoon season, Mid May to June. During this season most of the crops are starting to grow and the local fauna is in full bloom

The spring season, from March to May would be one of the best times to go for the Mardi Himal trek. The skies are clear blue, the views amazing and the temperature just right!

During the autumn season, September until late November is undoubtedly the best time to do the Mardi Himal trek. This time is also well known to be the high season for trekking in Nepal! With high chances of snowfall during the end of the season and with incredibly clear views during the day makes this one of the best times to trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp! As mentioned before this short trek in Nepal can be done all year round. But these are our recommendations for the best months or season for the Mardi Himal trek.

Dhaulagiri Mountain from Deaurali
Dhaulagiri Mountain from Deaurali. This the Highest Peak we can see form our Mardi Himal Trek.

Alone or Guided Mardi Himal Trek?

Because you officially don’t need a guide for the Mardi Himal trek, many start to ask what is better, alone, or with a guide during the Mardi Himal Trek? As a responsible trekking guide for the Mardi Himal trek, we do recommend hiring a trekking guide. Whether you find a local one or via an agency make sure that your guide is licensed! To be safe it’s always better to higher an agency for your trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp.

This way you take part in sustainable tourism and are sure to enjoy the best parts of the trek. Hiring a guide for the Mardi Himal trek is useful as these mountain masters know every nook and cranny of the trail. Furthermore, they can point out the significant mountains, can give a deeper in the look at the culture and history of the area, and can point out the best spots during the trek. Alone or with a guide during the Mardi Himal Trek? Choose a guide and experience the best during your trek in Nepal!

Mardi Himal Trek Guide In Conclusion:

Capture the iconic fishtail mountain, trek through forests up to one of the best viewpoints in Nepal, and trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp. This trek is all year available and highly recommended for its sceneries. During your stay in Pokhara, you’ll quickly notice there are a lot more interesting things to do in this lakeside city. Check out our 20 things to do in Pokhara and further your experience during the Mardi Himal trek. We hope you enjoyed this Mardi Himal Trekking Guide and that it was useful for you to plan one of the best treks in Nepal!