The second-largest city of Nepal, Pokhara is also known for its Natural Beauty. Further, the Unique mix of green hills, blue lakes, gorges, caves, and the high Himalayas on the horizon makes Pokhara Beautiful. Although Kathmandu, the capital has Nepal’s only international airport, this alluring city is widely known as Tourist capital.

Tucked in the Gandaki Province, Just 200 kilometer west of Kathmandu, Beautiful Pokhara is the home of many adventure activities. Meanwhile, within just 5-7 hours drive via Prithivi Highway you can reach there. Similarly, 25 minutes flight from Kathmandu Airport works perfectly if you have short holidays. Furthermore, being close to the biggest conservation area with Highest Mountain Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, Pokhara is the center for Trekking. Short trekking like Mardi Himal, Poon Hill, ABC Trekking, Mohare Danda, Dhampus Sarangkot, Panchase, etc is more popular. Besides these short hiking, classical, new, and off the beaten trekking trails either starts or ends in this city. 

Best Trekking in Nepal Which Starts / End in Pokhara

Name of TrekkingDuration  Trekking Area Starts Or End
Annapurna Circuit Trek 10-14 DaysAnnapurna Conservation AreaEnds only 
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking 5-12 DaysAnnapurna Conservation AreaStarts as well Ends
Nar Phu Trekking 12-16 DaysAnnapurna Conservation AreaEnds only 
Tilicho Lake Trekking12-14 DaysAnnapurna Conservation AreaEnds only
Muktinath Drive Tour3-10 DaysAnnapurna Conservation AreaStarts as well Ends
Upper Mustang Trek12-16 DaysMustang Region inside
Annapurna Conservation Area
Starts as well Ends
Dhaulagiiri Sanctuary Trek 10 DaysDhaulagiri Mountains AreaStarts as well Ends
High Bridge Baglung Trek5-11 DaysBaglung Kusma AreaStarts as well Ends
Round Dhaulagiri Trek12-18 DaysDhaulagiri Mountains AreaStarts as well Ends
Mohare Danda Trek3-10 DaysMohare AreaStarts as well Ends
Dhampus Saragkot Trek3-10 DaysHill Trails Around PokharaStarts as well Ends
Poon Hill Trekking2-4 DaysAnnapurna Conservation AreaStarts as well Ends
Khopra Trekking10-14 DaysAnnapurna Conservation AreaStarts as well Ends
List of Nepal Trekking Starts and Ends in Beautiful City of Pokhara

Popular Adventure Activities Around City of Pokhara

Firstly, in this section, we are listing thrilling adventure activities that are available around the beautiful city of Pokhara. If you are an adrenaline thrill seeker or easy luxury tours and hike, Beautiful Pokhara also has lots to offers: 

1. Paragliding. Most importantly, it is for the adventure seeking daredevils. Further, it is the one done from the high hills around the city.

 2. Bungee Jumping. If you want to experience world’s Second highest one of Kusma, it is a day trip. If not there is one inside Pokhara Valley.

 3. Zip Lines. Above all, world fastest with the Himalayas views.

 4. White Water River Rafting, during which the fun is unlimited in the water. Furthermore, you experience the waves of the fast-flowing mighty rivers in its natural form. Meanwhile, you drench into the adventurous sport and get a lot more relieved from boredom.

 5. One Day Hiking to Sarangkot, Dhampus, Australian Camp, World Peace Stupa, Kyue Danda, and more. To clarify, These viewpoints offer the best view of valleys and the high Himalayas.

 6. Luxury Lake Day Tour mix of 3 beautiful lakes of Pokhara, subsequently covering the areas around the lakes

 7. Museums like the Mountain Museum, Gurkha Museum, and Regional Museum are center for ancient history and cultures. Furthermore, they are the depiction of our ancient way of living. Above all, the museums represent our past cultures and developments over time.

 8. Helicopter Tour to Annapurna Base camp or Mardi Himal

 9. Ultralight flight, a ride in a small personal aircraft. However, exciting and thrilling, witnessing the snow-capped Himalayas from the front.

10. Last but not least is Accessible Trekking. This is the first of its kind in Asia. Subsequently, with Trekking Trail Nepal, special and disabled people can experience the marvelous nature, Himalayas, and beautiful Pokhara. 

Gurkhas: Peoples Who Care About This City

One of the biggest International identity of Nepal is Brave Gurkhas Soldiers. Meanwhile, being in the center of the western hill with the Natural beauty Pokhara comes as their first choice to get settled. The British Gurkhas choose to settle in the beautiful valley with stone cladding houses. On the other hand, the views of Himalayas and greenery gives them the same feeling as they are in their place. So, along with the natural gift, architectural assets earned from the British job helps to keep Pokhara beautiful and attractive.

With easy access to settle in the United Kingdom, the beauty influencers, Gurkhas are migrating there. Hence, the inflow of people from near places is ever increasing. However, if proper care is not given to the migration issue, pretty Pokhara is likely to become the next Kathmandu. 
The residential houses should not be made more than two or three floors. Above all without blocking the majestic view of the Mountains. However, the high rise buildings can be built in places like Manipal, Ranipauwa, Phulbari, Bhadrakali; from where the mountains are not visible.

Lakeside: Tourist Center

Lakeside is the tourist heart center of Pokhara. In other words, Phewa Lake works like a magnet to attract tourists towards Pokhara. To clarify, lakeside is peaceful, fair, and attractive along with the roads. Furthermore, it has extravagant nightlife and, lots of places to spend time.

The close view Annapurna Mountain range and the beauty of the seven lakes within such small area, as well as, Seti River flowing through the heart, makes the geography of this beautiful city is truly amazing. Greenery throughout the city, and wide and straight roads, peaceful neighbors add to the beauty list. Furthermore, it rains a lot in Pokhara. however, it dries up quickly. In conclusion, Beautiful Pokhara City has not lost its worth. The natural city of Pokhara can set the example of a truly well-managed gem of Nepal.

10 Reason Why Pokhara is Beautiful

1. Less Crowed City: Pokhara is one of the less dense cities of Nepal, even the center. Roads are wide, as a result, there are less traffic and pollution. The inner small roads are also well managed and blacktopped. Meanwhile, in summer, if the days get too hot, it rains, calming the temperature. 

 2. City Of Lakes: Pokhara is known as the city of seven lakes. The Phewa Rupa and Begnas Lakes are three major jewels of Pokhara. Furthermore, lakeside is a unique tourist site. Barahi temple at the center of Lake, as well as, the reflection of Mt. Fishtail adds to the beauty of Phewa.

3. Tourist Paradise: Above all, Pokhara is a tourist city with nightlife and lots of places to visit and spend time. No matter what you prefer, Pokhara has some special offers for everyone. Form adrenaline rush adventure, Luxury to Yoga, One day hike to multi-day trekking.

4. Unique Housing: Stone cladding and similar houses are the assets of Pokhara. It is considered The most Beautiful residential city in the world. For instance, even the streets are beautifully cladded with natural color stone.

5. Pokhara is the Better Connected City:

Firstly,airport is located in the center of the city and tourist center Lakeside is accessible from the airport within10 minutes ride. Similarly, Pokhara is the center from other major tourist cities of Nepal. Within 200 kilometers you will reach Indian Border to Tibetan Border via Upper Mustang. Chitwan National Park is about 148 Km far and 210 distance needs to cover to reach the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini.

6. Easy Accessibility:

 The Tourist hotspots are very near. Phewa, Davis falls, Gupteshor cave, The white monastery, Bindabashini temple, Mahendra cave, Begnas Lake, and Sarankot call all be accessed and visited in a single day. To clarify, all the hotspots can be accessed within a mere ten to thirty minutes. Certainly, the crystal clear picturesque view of the Mountains like Fishtail, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri increase the beauty of the city. All the natural and physical wonders can reach by 1-2 hours of ride and hike.

7. City of Adventure: Heart of Pokhara is also a hub of adventure sports. Paragliding, boating, ultra-light craft, bungee, zip line, white water rafting, etc are some of these.

8. Trailhead for Best Treks: Annapurna circuit is one of the most popular trekking routes. Above all, It is the gateway to all the trekking routes leading to the Annapurna region. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Mustang, Short Poon Hill Trek aka Ghorepani, are all accessible through Pokhara.

9. Best Hiking City: 

Hiking can be done on the shore of Phewa. likewise, the cycle trail can be built around the lake. The cycle trail is being conducted in the Pame region even if it is not recognized for it. Furthermore, the cablecar route is being constructed from Phewa bank to Sarankot. It will possibly be another attraction of Beautiful Pokhara.

10. Expandable City:

The tourists are slowly being diverted towards other attractions like Pame, Sarankot, Naudada, Begnas, Rupakot. Therefore, it helps control the tourist management of Pokhara. Furthermore, it promotes the possibilities of tourism in nearby places. The views of the city and the mountains from the nearby hills is also something noteworthy.

If you are planning for Nepal and High Himalayas even trekking in Nepal, do not dare miss the Beautiful Pokhara. Share your views and comments regarding Beautiful Pokhara, Trekking Trail Nepal will appreciate your opinion.